Editorial: consumer power

8 November 2011

When consumers act together and are given the information, the motivation and the means to do so, they can bring about change.more »

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Turning off your telco

31 October 2011

Sometimes you wonder why corporates spend so many millions marketing themselves, when maybe it might be better spent at the coal face actually delivering. more »

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Mobile termination rates victory

10 August 2010

At last we have a sensible decision on mobile termination rates which for all New Zealanders should mean cheaper rates for voice calling and texting. more »

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Drop the ball, mate

22 February 2010

Consumers should be concerned that their mobile phone rates won’t be coming down nearly as fast as they ought and that the big telcos – Vodafone and Telecom – may have successfully stifled competition. more »

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Is something rotten in the state of Telecom?

12 January 2010

What is it about the culture at Telecom that leads it to persistently mislead its customers? We’re not talking about a backstreet purveyor of miracle remedies here. This is one of New Zealand’s largest public companies. more »

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